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Remix Britten’s Hymn to St. Cecilia

In dedication to the St. Cecilia Day concert, the Digital and Participatory Culture class at ASU is hosting a pre-concert remix festival. In this festival participants will be able to interact with vocal recordings (stems) in order to create a remix of Benjamin Britten’s Hymn to St. Cecilia.

We invite you to create your own interpretation of Britten’s  Hymn to St. Cecilia

Listen to curated music submitted to the remix festival.

How to Participate

  • Using a digital audio workstation (DAW) of your choice, use at least one of the provided stems (Located Here), and create your own new music.
  • Here are some tutorials and helpful resources you can use to get started with your project.

Guidelines for Festival Participation

    • We are looking for a new musical concept of Britten’s Hymn for St Cecilia.
    • Your submitted track must be a minimum of 1 min.
    • By submitting music to our festival you are providing the #StCeciliasDayProject coordinators with permission to share your music with the public including via platforms such as Soundcloud
    • If you are a student in an Arizona school music program, you can additionally submit this project for the AMEA Composition Festival. (AMEA Student Composition Festival Information ). Please be sure to check into the requirements for submission to that festival.
    • Even though these stems are taken from music which is in the public domain, you must follow copyright law (do not add, previously copyrighted material that is not in public domain, or illegally downloaded material).

Recorded Music to Remix 

Access the individual recorded vocal tracks here.

Create and perform music with a 16 pad sample pack sound design by Michael Ferraro for the Ableton Push 

Submitting Your Remix

      • All festival submissions must be in MP3 format
      • Email your submission as an attachment to:
      • If your file is too big for an attachment let us know with a note to the above email and we will provide additional directions

Need help changing your music file into MP3 format? See Below for tutorials:

Show Us Your Process!!

We are interested in the process you use to create your music. If you are up to it, use a screencapture program or video recording to show us some of your process.

Upload your video to YouTube and then share it with us in the comment section below. Tag it with #StCeciliasDay and #RemixBritten 

Resources for Creating your Own Music or Remix


Visit this page for resources and tutorials to get started creating your own music with the vocal recordings!


Curated Submitted Music

This track created by Christian Wunder is entirely made out of the vocal samples provided, except for the kick and the hats/claps. The project is 19 Channels overall in addition to another 4 return channels for things like delay and reverb. Check out Christian’s Soundcloud Page for more of his music.

Take a look at Michael Ferraro’s live improvisation on the Ableton Push with his own sound design created from the #StCeciliasDay vocal stems along with percussion samples from Mad Zach 64 pad lab:

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