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Director of CITME

Evan Tobias (Associate Professor Music Education)

School of Music faculty collaborating on CITME initiatives:

Sandra Stauffer (Professor Music education) Deanna Swoboda (Assistant Professor Brass: Tuba & Euphonium)

Other collaborating faculty:

Dean Bacalzo (Assistant Professor Industrial Design)

Project Coordinator

Steve Holley

Some of the partners we collaborate with include:

Arcadia High School (Richard Maxwell) Eastmark High School (Nathan Johnston) Scales Technology Academy (Amanda Phan) Shea Middle School (Nicholas Popovich – NVAA Music Signature Specialist) Summit School of Ahwatukee (Jennifer Horne & Chris Dorsey) AZ Beat Lab Beat Mecca PHX Oh My Ears Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children

Thank you to the following Alumni Partners, Assistants, and Researchers who helped to build the foundation of CITME in prior years:

Joyce Bertilson Nathan Botts Harout Boyajian Elizabeth Bucura Patrick Cooper (Athlos Traditional Academy) Lisa Harney Jared O’Leary Emmett O’Leary Lauren Kapalka Richerme Today’s Future Sound