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Music Teaching and Learning

We help people and organizations develop and expand expertise in music teaching and learning with an emphasis on innovation and transformation in their chosen settings. As part of the ASU music education program, CITME contributes to professional development, teaching certification, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and flexible means of advancing one’s skills and understanding of teaching and learning.

Current Initiatives

Advancing Music Learning and Teaching Everywhere

CITME is currently seeking people who identify as current or future teaching artists, music educators, education outreach or programming staff, and community music facilitators to join our community. Recent and upcoming initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Music and connected learning 
  • Creative youth development
  • Education outreach and programming for music ensembles and cultural organizations
  • Technology and digital media to facilitate musical engagement and learning
  • Music, social justice, and participatory democracy
  • Expanding access and opportunities for youth in schools and community contexts
  • Developing pedagogy and curriculum related to popular music and culture
  • STEM, STEAM and arts inquiry

Flexible Professional Development Online

Are you interested in developing or expanding your experience and skills with music teaching and learning but live too far away to take classes at ASU? We now offer access to several of our courses via web-based technology. These are not online modules but rather courses that take place on the ASU campus physically that you can access from anywhere with internet access. Contact Dr. Tobias if you are interested in enrolling in a CITME-related course or professional development opportunity via online access for continuing education credit or non-degree graduate credit.

Past Initiatives

Projects for School and Community Engagement

When is Music? Exploring the Music and Ideas of John Cage AKA #whenismusic

#whenismusic was developed in connection with a John Cage festival that took place on campus in 2012. The #whenismusic project consisted of ASU students and faculty designing a set of experiences to engage K-12 classrooms and community in the music and ideas of John Cage. Designers of #whenismusic applied aspects of participatory culture, digital culture, and inquiry to provide an alternative or addition to pre-concert lectures and other presentational formats that introduce people to music prior to a concert. A key aspect of the project was an ethic of participation and interaction to engage people before, during, and after the concerts at ASU while creating opportunities for people to learn more about the music and ideas of John Cage through their engagement. The project is still available and can be a wonderful resource for music classrooms or other interested people. 

Music Learning and Teaching News