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Contemporary Musicianship

Contemporary Musicianship

The CITME Contemporary Musicianship Initiative (CMI) involves researching and developing aspects of music, musicianship, musical engagement, or music teaching and learning that are emerging or not yet widely present in music education. The foci of CMI are not necessarily new to society but may be new or newer to music education in the United States. The CMI also addresses aspects of music, musical engagement, or musicianship that may typically be marginalized or excluded in music programs. CMI is infused throughout the ASU music education undergraduate and graduate programs along with ongoing collaborative projects with our partners.

Current Initiatives

AR/VR/XR & Music Education

We are currently critically examining and exploring possibilities of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) for music engagement, learning, and teaching.

Learn more about our AR/VR/XR and music education initiatives.

Hybrid Music Courses & Programs

  Several CITME partners are in the process of developing and implementing new courses for youth who tend not to enroll in large ensembles (Band, Orchestra, Chorus) or transforming existing courses and programs that have traditionally focused on a particular way of knowing or doing music. The development of hybrid music courses offers an alternative to “strands” such as AP Music Theory, Keyboard or Guitar Classes, and other curricular structures that focus on a particular aspect of music.

Popular Music & Culture

CITME and affiliates are involved in a variety of curricular and pedagogical initiatives that address popular music. This currently ranges from exploring the potential of Urban music and movement ensembles that incorporate Hip Hop culture or electronic dance music in schools to developing pedagogical and curricular approaches to integrating popular music and related engagement across K-12 and community contexts.

Find out more about our how we are addressing popular music and culture.

Games, Gaming, and Music

CITME is currently researching the affordances, constraints, and implications of integrating games (on computers, console systems, and mobile devices) in music education. We are looking at both music-focused games and the music in games that are not music-specific. We are also looking at a range of interfaces used in conjunction with video games systems and how people interact with the games and music.

Find out more about our Games, Gaming, and Game-Based Learning Initiatives.

Digital Culture(s) and Media Arts

CITME is at the forefront of identifying, researching, and developing productive intersections between music education, digital culture, and media arts.

Learn about our work with Ableton applications and instruments in music learning and teaching contexts.

Find out how our Sound and Music Innovation Lab researches the possibilities of technology for music learning and teaching.

Explore resources and tutorials we curate and develop related to creating music with technology.

Participatory Culture(s)

CITME identifies, studies, and develops approaches to fostering participatory cultures in music programs and addressing aspects of participatory cultures in society.

Learn about our Participatory Music Pop Ups.

Past Projects

Contemporary Musicianship News

Arizona State Music Education Initiative to Develop Music Connected Learning Playlists

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A Night in the Fields: Creating Live Music to Videogame Play

On July 20th 2013 The Consortium for Innovation and Transformation participated in A Night in the Fields, a project in collaboration with the Center for Games and Impact and Phoenix Art Museum.During A Night in the Fields, a group of musicians collaborated with attendees to create music that interacted with the way that people played the […]

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AZ Beat Lab in the Community

CITME partner and ASU Music Education Masters student Samuel Pena has been hard at work developing the AZ Beat Lab. Over the past school year Samuel and the AZ Beat Lab have provided programming to the Music Instrument Museum, Mesa SparkFest, and Art Detour at Palabras Libreria. The Beat Lab facilitates beat making with technology […]

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Sun Devil Stadium Reinvention Through Music

As part of our ongoing efforts to explore the role of music in community engagement and socially engaged practice, CITME supported the Sun Devil Stadium 365 Reinvention #SDS365 initiative this November. Music education students facilitated participatory music making in the entrance to Sun Devil Stadium.We invited the public to jam with us using acoustic and electric […]

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