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How do I record sound coming from inside my computer?

To build your recording skills, try out some of the recording scenarios included on this page.

Think About

  • How can producers or audio engineers capture or record musical ideas?
  • What equipment is needed to record?
  • How can I get the best recording to ensure the resulting mix will be the best it can be?

Get Started

First, make sure you have already completed this XP on recording sound from inside your computer

Recording multiple parts

  1. Try recording multiple parts and see if you can get them to work together.
    • This can take a lot of practice, so be patient, it’s worth it!

Changing the Sound You are Recording

  1. Change the virtual instrument you are recording
    1. For example, if you originally played or used the sound of a synth, change it to a string pad, or a piano, or a drum kit, or anything you want.
      • Notice that it’s still the music is still the same notes and rhythms, but it sounds different.
      • Think about which sound you prefer.
      • Think like a producer:
        • How does the change of sound affect the performance or recording?
        • Does the change of the sound change how you feel about the quality of the performance? If so, why? How?