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Collaboration with The Leading Tone and Vista College Prep

Developing and Facilitating a Digital Music Program for The Leading Tone and Vista College Prep

CITME is proud to launch a collaboration with community music organization, The Leading Tone, and Vista College Prep to develop an after-school digital music program. The program will be facilitated by ASU music education students in collaboration with The Leading Tone’s music teaching and youth development team. 

The program was recently launched after a planning period to address the specific context of the physical place of the program and youth who will be engaging with the project. We assisted with conceptualizing the program in connection with The Leading Tone’s youth development principles and proposing how funding for resources should be allocated.

CITME and ASU Music education students and faculty are currently applying their expertise to develop curriculum and project plans for the program as well as working as part of the team. 

This is an exciting project that has a direct benefit for all involved, particularly the youth of Vista College Prep, who will now have access to rich and high-quality music education.