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This Fall 2016, students in the ASU Music Education Course Digital and Participatory Culture in Music are engaging as a design team facilitated by Evan Tobias to develop a set of participatory music engagement and learning opportunities around the music and ideas of the St. Cecilia Concert: Appear! Inspire! A Celebration of Music

The concert features the ASU Chamber Singers and Chamber Orchestra conducted by David Schildkret with special guests OME (Oh My Ears) and Rosie’s House. Through this project, we hope to extend the concert event to long-term or multifaceted engagement in varied ways that apply principles of digital and participatory cultures. 

Please consider exploring the projects we developed and attending the concert!

The People Who Made it Happen

This project would not be possible without the support and openness of the following people:

Appear! Inspire! A Celebration of Music Concert Development Team:

 David Schildkret (Bio) – Conductor and Concert Development

Daniel Bernard Roumain (Bio) (site) – Concert Development

Michael Ferraro – Concert Development – #StCeciliasDay Project Liason 

Ensembles and Community Music Organizations

Arizona State University Chamber Singers

Arizona State University Chamber Orchestra

Oh My Ears (OME) 

Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children

Arizona State University Collaborators

Sally Ball (Bio) – (site) – Poetry Contest Curation

Evan Tobias (Bio) (site)  – #StCeciliasDay Project Manager & Facilitator 

Digital and Participatory Culture Class Project Design Team Members

Yousef Alsayegh

Russ Biczo

Brandon Boudreau

Michale Ferraro

Nick Popovich

Michael Sporrer

Evan Tobias

Eric Wells

Collaborate With Us

This project is part of a larger initiative of the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME) in extending concerts and events through transmedia.  

If you are interested in the design and development of transmedia music engagement and learning opportunities around a concert or music event, contact Dr. Evan Tobias.