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Learn More: Algorithmic Sequences

When you code and program music you are often thinking through algorithmic sequences.

Say what? 

In code, an algorithm is a step-by-step sequence of instructions.


When you think through algorithmic sequences to make music you are thinking about the musical result of step-by-step sequence of code or thinking about step-by-step sequences to make music.

Give Me Some Examples!

When you are trying to figure out how to recreate a beat with code, you might think about the step-by-step sequences of code you need to write to get the sound you want.

Once you start thinking through those sequences of code, you are thinking about algorithmic sequences! 

If you are looking at a sequence of code and trying to figure out what it might sound like, you are thinking through algorithmic sequences!

Why Should I Know This?

If you can think through algorithmic sequences you will be able to think in the language of code. This will help you plan how to use code to make the type of music or sound you want. 

Thinking through algorithmic sequences could also help you look at a bunch of code and figure out what it might sound like. 

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