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What are some super simple ways I can start jamming?

Think About

  • How do musicians use different aspects of music (melody, harmony, texture, form, energy etc.) to make interesting sounding jams?
  • How can you use volume/loudness to make a jam interesting?

Get Started

1. Start a Simple Jam

  • Pick a beat or backing track to jam over. One you know well or like a lot. 
  • Make up a simple rhythm or musical idea (jazz musicians call it a lick).
  • Repeat the lick as you jam. Don’t change the lick as you repeat it.
  • Instead, as you use the repeated lick, change the volume.
  • Use quick changes from loud to soft to loud.
  • Get louder/softer gradually.
  • If you can, find someone else or other people to jam with you and take turns repeating your own licks

2. Watch the following video on some strategies for starting simple jams


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Sharing What You Learned

Share a short audio recording of you repeating a lick along with a backing track

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