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XP 2: How do I choose sounds when making a beat?

Choosing sounds is an important part of making beats. What decisions do you think are involved in choosing sounds?

Think About

  • Why do beat makers choose certain sounds over others?
  • What makes a good sound for a beat?
  • How do I choose sounds when making a beat?

Get Started

  1. Listen to one of your favorite songs and try to identify the different sounds you hear. 
  2. Try to answer some of the following questions:
  • How does the song organize and balance the sounds?
  • Do the sounds repeat or form patterns?
  • How would you describe each of the sounds?
  • What do they sound like?
  • What emotions do they evoke?
  • How do you feel when you hear each sound?
  • What instruments can you hear?
  • Do some of the sounds seem like imitations of instruments?

Share What you Learned

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