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What should I do if I want to jam over a beat?

Sometimes you might find it fun to jam over a beat. Why not make your own beat to jam over?

Think About

  • How does jamming over a beat compare to jamming without a beat?
  • How can I make a beat to jam over?
  • Is having a background to play over necessary for jamming or improvising?

Get Started

This XP takes you through making a basic beat to jam over. If you are interested in beat making you might want to try out the Getting Started Making Beats Music Learning Playlist

  1. Watch this video that takes you the process of using Sampulator to make a basic beat to jam over

  1. Use Sampulator to make a beat for you to jam/improvise over
  2. Now Jam!

    The whole reason for creating a beat was so that you could jam to it. So now you get to jam! Here are some things to try:

    • Use the other instruments (either one at a time or two or more at once) to jam over the top of the track you created.
    • Spit some rhymes.
    • Use hand claps or taps on your lap, or bang on stuff that’s around you to jam over the top of your beat.
    • If you play an instrument, jam with that. Jon Harnum, the video creator, used his trumpet to jam on the beat he made.

    Explore loops others have created on Sampulator. What makes them cool (or not cool)? Imitate one. Jam over it.

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