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How do people improvise and jam? 

Here are some examples of people improvising and jamming, including full performances of the shorter excerpts you heard in the last XP:

Think About

  • How do people jam?
  • How do musicians have musical conversations when they are jamming?

Get Started

  1. Watch the full performance of at least one of the musicians who were sampled in the video you just watched:
  • Identify rhythms, melodies, or sound effects that are repeated.
  • Does anything in the performance surprise you, or seem especially creative?

Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Jason Lindner (keys), Justin Tyson (drums):

Bonus: Find another version of Well You Needn’t. Compare the Avishai Cohen version with the other version you watched.

Tash Sultana:

Bobby McFerrin:

There are no sharing what you learned requirements for this XP.

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