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Making your basic jam more social! 

  1. Make your jam social! If you have some other people willing to join you, have them join
  • Have everyone keep the same steady beat with their feet
  • Take turns clapping different rhythms over the beat
  1. If you want to get more advanced you can do the following
  • Keep the steady beat going with everyone’s feet
  • Each time when someone starts clapping a rhythm over the beat, keep that rhythm going
  • The next person can then add their rhythm on top of the beat and first rhythm
  • Keep doing this to see how many different layers of rhythms you can do at the same time

Have some instruments you can use? 

  • If you have access to some instruments, you can try the jam with some people playing some basic rhythmic or melodic patterns on your instruments while others keep the beat on their feet.
  • You can also layer in some people clapping rhythms on top of the beat while others layer in some rhythmic and melodic patterns on their instruments. 
  • See how many layers you can add before it no longer sounds good. 
  • You might want to make sure that you all play in the same key though!