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Sound Explorations Playtesting: Setting Up

 Step 4) Forming Groups

Once you determine which young people will be engaging in the playtesting please organize them into Group 1 and Group 2 (there may be times when we need a Group 3).

We will invite each group to try at least one version of a learning experience but youth participants can try out as many versions as they like (and that you are comfortable with). 

Step 5) Optional Initial Survey

We are interested in youth perspectives on music learning playlists before they start trying out the learning experiences to get a sense of what they would like to learn or do.

1) If youth are willing, please have them start with this Initial Survey (you can facilitate this process). This is not mandatory.

Note: After the demographic page they can skip any pages they wish.

2) Alternatively, you can have a conversation with the youth participants and let us know their perspectives by using this set of prompts and survey