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How is sampling a part of making beats?

A lot of beats are actually made up of songs by other people. Beat makers can take a recording, use a small part of it (a sample), and then use that sample creatively in the new beat. 

Think about

  • How can an old recording be used in a new beat?
  • How does sampling contribute to a beat?

Get Started

One way to figure out how sampling can be a part of making beats, is by listening to how a pro does it. 

  1. Check out the free web app
  2. Experiment with playing samples by using the keys on your computer keyboard
  3. Click one of the number keys to play part of a beat by a pro that uses samples 
  4. Watch how the screen shows you what samples were used

Go Further

  1. Try to recreate the beat by playing the same samples in order with the computer keyboard
  2. Check out the other beats on the website that use samples

Go Even Further

Curious how other beat makers use samples in their music or how the same song can be sampled in different ways by many beat makers?

Want to know how to sample and create a sample-based beat?

Don’t worry – you’ll have a chance to do this later in the playlist!

Important Note

To sample music legally, it is important to know about copyright law and fair use! 

For instance, it illegal to include a sample of someone else’s music in your own music and release it to the public without making sure that you have permission to do this. You also have certain rights when you are sampling for learning and educational purposes. In other words, you should speak with someone who understands copyright law and fair use before you share any music with others if you are sampling.

Share What you Learned

  1. Explain how can an old recording be used in a new beat
  2. Link to a recording on YouTube or Spotify that you think could be interesting to sample from to make a new beat