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Weight of Light Project Activities

The following set of Weight of Light Project activities (updated 2022) can serve as inspiration and scaffolding to spark students’ curiosity and begin learning about issues around climate change and energy transitions.

We suggest that you invite students to engage in some of these activities prior to working with the Weight of Light Design Brief, which is at the core of the WOL project.

Explore Inspirational Sustainable Design and Architecture

Share these images and examples of sustainable design and architecture and engage students in related conversation. How do these designs relate to the architecture in their communities? What would it be like if these types of structures were typical in the future? What would it be like to live with these designs in our communities? What ideas or questions do these designs spark?

Thank you to the wonderful Land Art Generator for curating these examples:

Play the LAGI Idea Generator Game:

Explore Fictional Music Genres

Explore fictional music genres to spark inspiration and ideas/