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Musical Coding, Programming, and Computational Thinking

CITME members and music education students involved in related projects work on coding, programming, and computational thinking in relation to music. Projects range from developing interactive music engagement with SCRATCH to programming musical environments with MAX. We seek to diversify the ways that coding and programming are addressed in school and community settings as well as to demonstrate the potential and possibilities of musical engagement and inquiry as a context for learning coding and programming.

Current Initiatives

Sound Explorations Music Learning Playlist on Coding and Programming Music 

See our other Sound Explorations Music Learning Playlists.

Tutorials and Resources for Coding, Programming, and Music Teaching and Learning

CITME supports ASU students in developing tutorials and resources on coding and programming in the context of music learning and teaching through our Sound and Music Innovation Lab (SMIL), independent studies, or special projects. See below for examples of this work:

CITME Curated Resources for Coding and Programming Music 

Older Projects

Tutorials and Personal Reflections on Learning Max Music Programming Software 

Tutorials for Developing Music Performing and Creating Systems with Lemur