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Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME)

CITME creates and expands opportunities for people to learn and engage with music in our rapidly changing society.

The Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education conducts use-inspired research and collaborative initiatives to help music educators and those involved in arts, cultural, non-profit, and corporate sectors imagine and enact new possibilities for music teaching, learning, and engagement. We collaborate with those interested in advancing music education to develop music teaching, learning, and engagement in relation to contemporary society and the future. The CITME looks to broaden and deepen how music teaching and learning can impact society and contribute to positive social transformation. 

We support and drive innovation in the following areas:

Connected Learning

We support and develop programs and resources to connect music engagement and learning across formal, nonformal, and informal settings. Connected Learning

Contemporary Musicianship

We develop pedagogy and curriculum to support and advance diverse ways of being musical in contemporary society. Contemporary Musicianship


Creativity and Artistic Inquiry

We research and support how musical engagement and learning can foster and catalyze creativity and artistic inquiry. Creativity and Artistic Inquiry


Music, Science, and Society

We research intersections and synergy between music, science, and society and STEAM education with an emphasis on positive impact.  Music, Science, and Society


Music Learning and Teaching

We help people and organizations develop and expand expertise in music teaching and learning with an emphasis on innovation and transformation in their chosen settings. Music Learning and Teaching


Creative Music Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

We research and support musicians’ and educators’ capacity to be entrepreneurial and engage in creative enterprise in varied musical contexts. Creative Music Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Leisure, Lifelong Engagement, and Wellness

We research how musical engagement and learning can contribute to people’s wellbeing and sense of fulfillment. Leisure, Lifelong Engagement, and Wellness


Transforming Society

We research and advance the role of musical engagement and learning to build and improve communities and impact society positively. Transforming Society


Sound and Music Innovation Lab (SMIL)

We support an interdisciplinary innovation incubator for researching and developing instruments and technologies to support musical engagement, teaching, and learning. Sound and Music Innovation Lab

Photo Credits:

Globe by Mark Doliner

Drum Circle Feb09 by Marvin Lee