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Who can answer my producing questions?

 Think about

  • How can online communities support my learning and projects?

  • How can I learn from or contribute to online communities?

Forums and online communities can be great for getting help from others.  Let’s take a look at what’s available!

Get Started

Take a look at the following forums and communities. Spend 2 – 3 minutes with each one:

 Going Further

Think about the following questions and then discuss with someone in your own community (friend, peer, mentor, trusted adult, family member etc.)

  • Why do you think some forums might be useful for certain questions and some forums more useful for other questions? 
  • Which forum could be best to find out about equipment?
  • Which forum could be best to find out about how to record a voice or instrument with the best quality sound?
  • What topics do you think you could find out about on the forums?

Share What you Learned

  1. Link to the forum you like best
  2. Explain why you think this forum could be helpful to you

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