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Welcome to Sound Explorations: Creating, Expressing, Improving Communities.

This is our Get Started Creating Instruments and Interfaces Music Learning Playlist.

Before Starting Read This First

1) You are about to try out something called a music learning playlist. Each “track” in the playlist is called a learning experience or “XP”

2) If you see a group # next to an XP, please try out the version that has the group # you were assigned – you can also try out other versions later.

3) The last part of each XP is “Share What you Learned” you can then move on to the next XP in the playlist.

4) We want your opinions and ideas. So, please fill in the survey at the bottom of this page after you try out some of the XPs.


These are updated versions of XPs as of 5/27/17 . [If you would like to continue working on older versions of XPs you can access them here]:

Get Started Creating Instruments and Interfaces

Start Here 1. How do people interact with objects to make sounds?

2. How can I control the way something sounds?

3. How can I identify and communicate the pitch of sounds?

4. What types of instruments and interfaces can I make?

Final XP of the playlist 5. How can I create an instrument or interface?

Please consider providing feedback if you are 18+ and have expertise in Beat Making or Production or are a music teacher, teaching artist, or mentor of a community program that might use this list.

Old Versions of XPs

Topic 1: Timbre

Group 1 try this XP

Interacting with Sounds (XP 1a version 1)

Group 2 try these XPs

Interacting with Sounds Part 1 (XP 1a  version 2)

Interacting with Sounds Part 2  (XP 1a version 2)

Everyone try these XPs

How can we synthesize sound?   (XP 1b)

How does material impact sound?  (XP 1c)

Topic 2: Pitch

Everyone try these XPs

Identifying and Communicating Pitch (XP2)

Topic 3A: Creating Instruments and Interfaces with Microcontrollers

Everyone try these XPs 

What types of instruments and interfaces can I make? (XP3a)

How can I get access to a microcontroller?  (XP3b)

How can I find or get access to the Arduino IDE?    (XP3c)

How can I make a circuit to make music? (XP3d)

How can I program a microcontroller to make sound? (XP3e)

How can I use the interface I built to play melodies that I create? (XP3f)

How can I control sounds using a microcontroller? (XP3g)

Topic 3B: Creating Instruments and Interfaces with the Makey Makey

Everyone try these XPs

What types of instruments and interfaces can I create? (XP3B1)

How can I get access to a Makey Makey? (XP3B2)

Where can I find help on making instruments and interfaces with a Makey Makey? (XP3Bz)

How can I create an Instrument with a Makey Makey? (Setting up)  (XP3B3)

How can I create an Instrument with a Makey Makey? (Making Sound)  (XP3B4)