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Practice Making Melodies

  1. Check out Laid Back Luke’s video on making melodies to get a sense of how he makes his music. (You only need to watch up to around 1:55. Afterward, he talks about chords and harmonies and some other things but don’t worry about that, unless you are interested).

  1. Try copying the melody he is playing.
  • See if you can reproduce the melody in a DAW (such as in your bandlab project)
  • Don’t worry if it’s difficult or if you don’t make it exactly like Laid Back Luke’s melody. It’s the process that counts.
  • You can also try making something that is similar to Laid Back Luke’s melody but change some notes and keep what sounds good to you. 
  1. Now, find some other melodies in music you like to listen to and see if you can figure out how to reproduce them or make similar sounding melodies in your DAW.

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