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XP 2 How can I control the way something sounds?

There are many approaches you can use to control the way something sounds. One way you can change the character of sound or create a sound is through a technique called synthesis.

Think about

  • How can we use technology to create or change sounds?
  • What characteristics of sound do I like?
  • What are some ways I would like to be able to change a sound?

Get Started

  1. Explore the free web app
  2. To make a sound, type the A,W,S,E,D,F,T,G.Y,H,U,JK,O,L,P keys


  1. Select different instruments by using the drop down “patch” menu.
  2. Keep playing the different letter keys on your computer keyboard (shown on the image above) to make sounds


Think about and answer the following questions

  1. What happens to the sliders when you change the patch?
  2. What kinds of patches (instruments) do you like best? Why?
  3. What similarities and differences can you hear with the different patches?
  4. What words best describe the different patches and their sounds?

Impress your friends. . .

All of the different sliders and drop down menus control parts of the sound – you can call these different parts, parameters.

Moving a slider, changes a parameter of the sound.

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