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How will my instrument work for making music?

When you create an instrument, it is important to test it out by making music and hearing how it works. 

Think About

  • How well does the instrument work for making music?
  • What do I like about my instrument?
  • How can I improve my instrument?

Get Started

Try out each of your sounds/instruments with the following process:

  1. Make up a simple pattern (riff) with the computer keyboard keys to play a melody
  2. Try playing your simple pattern (riff) with the instruments you created.
  3. Record yourself playing a same simple riff with each instrument you created.
    1. You can video or audio record yourself with a smartphone
    2. You could also use a basic free audio recording program such as audacity.
  4. Take some notes about what you like about the instrument and how it sounds with the riff.
  5. Also take some notes about what types of changes you might want to make to your sound/instruments.

Share What you Learned

 Continue below and share with your teacher or organization:

Sharing What You Learned

  • Share a recording of your favorite of your three instruments playing the riff
  • Comment on the instrument you like best and explain why you like it best
  • Comment on any changes you might want to make to the instrument

Next Steps

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