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How do I design my instrument? Part 1

Some people design instruments by playing with materials and getting ideas.

Others have an idea for an instrument and then find the materials they need.

Still, other people do a combination of the two. How will you design an instrument?

Think About

  • How do I design my instrument?
  • Do I expect it to be perfect the first time?
  • What decisions do I need to make about my instrument?

Get Started

Think about what you learned in the XPs you have completed so far in this playlist.  Think about the types of instruments you found interesting or inspiring. 

  1. Now, think about and answer some of the following questions:
  • How do you want to interact with your instrument?
    • Do you want to blow into it?
    • Do you want to strike or hit it?
    • Do you want to shake it?
    • Do you want it to pluck or bow parts of it?
    • Will you use a combination of ways to interact with it?
  • What will your instrument be made of?
    • Metal, plastic, paper, wood, . . .
  • Do you have the materials you’ll need to work with the material(s) you choose?
    • Scissors, glue, wood cutting tools, nails,  . . .

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