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How do I make an instrument with a Makey Makey and web apps? 

To design an instrument with a Makey Makey, you will want to use a music application. There are many different ways to do this. 

Think About:

  • How can I design an instrument or interface using the Makey Makey?
  • How can I use web apps with a Makey Makey to make an instrument?

Get Started:

Connecting a Music Application to Makey Makey

Once the Makey Makey is set up (review if needed) you can use it to trigger the letter, arrow, and space bar keys. You will need to set up a music application to connect the letter key with sound or musical content.

Web-based Apps

The following web-based apps simply require you to plug in the Makey Makey and access the dedicated site to make music immediately.

  1. Set up your Makey Makey to trigger keys (review if needed)
  2. Attach conductive objects to the Makey Makey (review if needed)
  3. Plug your Makey Makey into your computer with the micro USB cable
  4. Make sure you use the “earth” connection when you touching the conductive objects so you have a complete circuit
  5. With your Makey Makey set up, try each app and decide which you like best for your instrument:

Makey Makey Bongos

Makey Makey Piano

Makey Makey MK-1 Sampling Keyboard

Chamber Music Piano with Accompaniment

Sampulator (you can access some of the sounds)

  1.  Once you choose an app experiment with creating some music

Next Steps

Return to the mini-playlist: How do I make an instrument with a Makey Makey and music application to share what you learned.