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This first set of resources relates to the Connecting Music and Culture XP on Connecting Heritage and Music

Go back to the XP: How do people connect music to their heritage or lineage? (focusing on Indigenous Music, Culture, Hip Hop and Dance Music)

Check out this write up on Sacramento Knoxx and how he has connected his heritage, culture, and hip hop music to improve community

Listen to Christy Lee discuss how she connects her heritage and music

Read this interview with Supaman on his combination of Hip Hop and indigenous culture

You can also read this Indian Country Today interview with Supaman about Why and his approach to music 

Check out BeatNation’s focus on indigenous Hip Hop

Read and listen to bitchmedia’s feature on the First Lady’s of Canadian Indigenous Hip Hop

Listen to a track created by A Tribe Called Red working with archival wax cylinder recordings made by Cayuga chief Alexander J. General and anthropologist Frank G. Speck in the 1930s.

Watch DJ Shub Mix Powwow-Step live