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Sound Explorations Playtesting: Gathering Feedback

Step 1) Observe the youth participants engage with the XPs

Whenever possible please observe the youth participants engage with the XPs and please take notes using the dedicated google doc we shared with you

Try to include things like:

  1. What do they seem to like or dislike?
  2. What questions do they ask?
  3. What challenges do they experience?

Step 2) Invite youth participants to take the Youth Participant Survey

This is not required. We understand some schools and community programs do not allow students to take online surveys. 

If this is OK in your program please invite youth participants to take The Youth Participant Survey for each Playlists they engage with after they engage with the XPs.

You may need to help them with this.

We will include a link to the survey at the bottom of each playlist.

Step 3) Hold focus group discussions with youth participants

This will be most helpful to us! Try to have small groups of the youth participants discuss their perspectives and experiences with you and each other. 

You can do this after several XPs, after a class or session when youth are engaging with the XPs, or after an entire playlist is completed. 

Please use this Focus Group Survey Form as a guide to hosting your focus group discussions. You can take notes using your google doc or fill out the form, whichever makes more sense to you

Let the youth participants know that we want their honest perspectives to help us improve the XPs and learning playlists.

Step 4) Try the XPs Yourself

Please consider trying out the XPs yourself and providing us with your perspectives and feedback using this Adult Facilitator Survey

It is important for us to know your perspectives as a music educator, teaching artist, or adult mentor.