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Add Interest to Your Music by Programming Parameters

Did you try getting started shaping sounds first? If not, go back and get started!

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Copy and paste this code into Sonic Pi  OR Create your own music with Sonic Pi:

# Coded by Jared O’Leary #
#  #

# This part of the code will either play a bass drum (:drum_heavy_kick) or a hi hat (:drum_cymbal_closed)
# If you change the one_in() number, this will change how likely the first part (if) will occur
# The bigger the number, the less likely it will occur
live_loop :drums do
  if one_in(2)
    sample :drum_heavy_kick
    sleep 0.5
    sample :drum_cymbal_closed
    sleep 0.25

# This part of the code will play one of two sounds
# What does the finish: do? Try changing the number to find out how you can change the sample's sound
live_loop :cymbals do
  if one_in(5)
    sample :drum_cymbal_hard, finish: 0.02
    sample :drum_cymbal_soft, finish: 0.02
  sleep 0.125
  1. Experiment with changing the volume (amp) and how the music plays out of the speakers (pan)