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Music and Media Arts MakerSpaces / Music and Media Arts Inquiry and Engagement Hubs

CITME is currently researching and developing a music and media arts maker culture on campus to connect students among the units of the Herberger Insitute for Design and the Arts and across Arizona State University. The first phase of the project focuses on developing a culture among students and faculty to collaborate on music and media arts makerspace projects. During phase 2 we will test several projects in the context of local schools and community venues. This grant project has three primary foci: 1) blurring boundaries and developing and supporting a culture of collaboration around music, media arts, and STEAM communities 2) demonstrating the potential and possibilities of collaboration between people with interest and expertise in music, media arts, and education 3) better understanding how to support processes of STEAM engagement and learning for future scaling across K-12 and community contexts. This project is generously funded by a Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Research Council Seed Grant.

PI, Evan Tobias

Co-PIs, Garth Paine, Sandy Stauffer

Project Director, Nathan Botts (Doctoral Student in Music Education)

When and Where?

Wednesdays 6:00 PM @ School of Music W222 (METLab)


Learn about local resources, groups, and events

Get inspired by DIY Music Projects

Access CITME curated resources related to STEAM and music education: 

Interested in Earning Credit?

We have connected projects that take place through our Sound and Music Technologies Group, a Vertically Integrated Project in which you can earn credit. Find out more about the Sound and Music Technologies VIP classes that function as independent and collaborative studies.

Ongoing Current Projects

The Music and Media Arts Makerspace is informal and you can work on whatever you like. We also have some ongoing projects:

  • Designing musical playgrounds and gardens
  • Programming small robots to create or respond to music
  • Creating accessible and engaging musical instruments and interfaces
  • Developing interactive web-based music applications
  • Engaging with local beat making and producing communities

Get Involved

Get involved in the music and media arts maker group. Contact Dr. Evan Tobias for additional information.