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Playtesting Sound Explorations XPs and Playlists

Dear Educators, Teaching Artists, Mentors, and Family Members,

Welcome to the Sound Explorations: Creating, Expressing, and Improving Communities project.

Thank you very much for playing an important role in helping us develop high-quality resources for young people to engage with and learn music!

If you have any questions about the playtesting process, please contact Michael Ferraro [michael dot ferraro at], our playtesting coordinator.

This page is designed for adults who are facilitating the Sound Explorations playtesting of music learning playlists.

Each of the following sections provides you with information to carry out the playtesting in your program.

1) Start here: Background Information

2) Initial Steps for Playtesting

3) Setting Up the Playtesting

4) Starting Playtesting

5) Gathering Observations and Feedback

6) Additional Information on “Share What You Learn” Content

Playtesting Sound Explorations Music Learning Playlists

Once you are ready to playtest the XPs and music learning playlists you can provide youth participants with the appropriate links below. Each link takes you to the draft versions of the music learning playlists. 

We suggest you share the direct links with youth participants rather than this page.

Make sure to look through the information in sections  1 – 6 above. Feel free to contact us at any point for additional information.

Instruments and interfaces

Getting Started Creating Instruments and interfaces Playtesting Site

[Important Required Resources]

  • Learners need access to an Arduino or Makey Makey to complete the second half of this playlist. 
    • Acquiring an Arduino or Makey Makey is part of the playlist itself but it would be easiest if you have one or more for students to use. Consider checking with your school if you do not own one.

Coding and programming music

Getting Started Coding and Programming Music Playtesting Site

[Important Required Resources]

Connecting music and culture

Get Started Connecting Music and Culture Playtesting Site

Jamming: Solo and Groups

Getting Started Jamming Playtesting Site

Making beats

Getting Started Making Beats Playtesting Site

Producing music

Getting Started Producing Playtesting Site